Rising Star: Haley Lu Richardson

After appearing in films such as The Edge of Seventeen and Split, Haley Lu Richardson is quickly making a name for herself within Hollywood. Today, Columbus has been released to the public and it stars Richardson as well as John Cho, who is mainly known for his role as Sulu in the Star Trek film series that was rebooted a couple years back.

As of right now, the film starring Richardson and Cho is sporting an astounding rating of 97% via Rotten Tomatoes. This only bodes well for Richardson and this could potentially open the door to future roles that offer her chances to lead or carry a film on her own.

While I don’t want to compare Haley Lu Richardon’s rise to Brie Larson, there are some similarities. For many years, Brie Larson was cast in supporting roles as seen in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and 21 Jump Street. It wasn’t until 2013 where Brie Larson was an actress to keep an eye on with her spectacular performance in the gripping drama film, Short Term 12. If you haven’t seen that one, close this post of mine immediately and find a way to watch it because it’s that darn good. Up until Columbus, Richardson has had numerous supporting roles and hasn’t really taken stage as a leading lady like Brie Larson has been. Maybe this will change for Richardson with her most recent film but we will have to wait and see.

While I’m not trying to say Haley Lu Richardson has the kind of potential to flip a switch and become an Oscar winner right now, she does have that one thing going for her: potential. Richardson is a young actress at only 22 years of age and she will get her opportunities in the future to shine. With how well Columbus has been doing critically, I’m very hopeful and eager to see where Richardson goes from here.

A Ghost Story meanders, much like real life

My excitement and buzz for A Ghost Story has been growing for a while. An interesting take on life, death, and time starring the great Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara (who I will admit I fanboy over a bit) seemed like it was something right up my alley. Much like the ghost in the film, I sat waiting for it to open in my area, and now that it’s here…I’m not sure how I feel about it.Read More »

Nocturnal Animals thrive in the darkness, but meet their downfall when dragged into the light

Susan, a wealthy art gallery owner (Amy Adams) is living a plush life in LA with her husband (Armie Hammer).  As the marriage seems to be crumbling behind the facade of  fortune, Susan unexpectedly receives a manuscript from her first husband, Edward (Jake Gyllanhaal).  As she reads the novel, she becomes so engrossed that it begins to effect her in ways she never expected, and question how her life has gone.

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The Edge of Seventeen brings us back to familiar territory: coming-of-age.

If the Oscars started today, Hailee Steinfeld did almost everything in her power to at least secure a spot for an Oscar nomination for Best Actress with her latest film in Edge of Seventeen. While Edge of Seventeen doesn’t break any new ground and isn’t something we haven’t seen before, the film stands on its head as one of the best movies of 2016. The film boasts a cast that has great chemistry, almost all of the characters are relatable in some way, and the movie had a great soundtrack that fit every moment in the film itself.

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Arrival brings hope in the face of the unknown.

Dennis Villeneuve has been making quite a name for himself the last few years. Films like Prisoners, Enemy and Sicario have shown that his name belongs up there with the best of his contemporaries, like Fincher, Aronofsky and the like. Arrival just reaffirms that with an expertly shot film that shines a light on not only how the human race would deal with alien contact, but how we deal with each other.
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