Horrorween: Day 11 – Blood Diner

Blood Diner is a little film about two brothers who terroize people who stop in at their small truck stop diner, brutally killing them and serving them up to…oh wait, that’s what you would expect when you hear “Blood Diner”. That’s what you would expect if you thought you were getting a decent movie. You would be wrong…

Blood Diner opens with two young brothers, who are surprised as their Uncle runs in to their house, knife in hand, covered in blood. He talks to them about cooking or some shit and runs outside to be shot by police, as he had just stabbed a bunch of people somewhere. Cue opening credits.Read More »


Horrorween: Day 10 – The Autopsy of Jane Doe

A father and son coroner team (Played by Brian Cox and Emile Hersch) have a strange, unidentified corpse brought into their morgue. The woman was found in a house where an entire family was murdered, and has no external signs of a cause of death.  Soon they begin their autopsy, and as they proceed they continue to find strange and unexplainable things about the body. Not long after, dark and unnatural occurances start to haunt the two men as they try to piece togehter the puzzle of this Jane Doe’s history.

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Horrorween: Day 9 – Starry Eyes

Born out of a Kickstarter campaign, Starry Eyes is a film that has flown under the radar of most, but been noticed and appreciated by a lot of horror diehards (and perhaps was even the #1 horror film of the year on yours truely’s list). Through it’s use of body horror and paranoia, it has a lot of commentaries on Hollywood and the film industry that are especially relevant today.

Sarah Walker (Alex Essoe) is a waitress at a hooter style resturant by day and an aspiring actress by night. She lives in apartment building with a group of friends, most of them trying for the same dream as her. One day Sara responds to a casting call from a very old studio named Astraeus Pictures which, should she land it, could be her break out part. After fearing she lost the part, Sarah goes into the bathroom and has a melt down, ripping out chunks of her hair and cracking her neck as if punishing herself (yeah, she some issues before shit even starts going down). One of he casting directors happens to notice her doing this, and suddenly they have more interest in her.Read More »

Horrorween: Day 8 – Stake Land II: The Stakelander

Six years after the release of Stake Land, a surprise announcement came that a sequel had been shot and was going to premiere on Syfy channel. Now, this might be worrisome, as Syfy’s original films are usually…not amazing…but with Nick Damici back as writer, and he and Connor Paolo back to star, it seemed promising. The big question was whether it would live up to the first film.

Six years have passed since the end of the first film, Martin (Connor Paolo) lives up in Canada in New Eden. He has made a life for himself, getting married and having a child. However tragedy strikes as the religious cult, The Brotherhood, attacks New Eden, led by a new vampire called “Mother”.  After his family is brutally murdered and New Eden is burned to the ground at the hands of The Brotherhood, Martin heads south in attempt to find Mister (Nick Damici) and get vengence for his family.

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Horrorween: Day 7 – Stake Land

After 5 solid days of Phantasm, it’s time to switch gears into something more somber and emotional. This film slipped out during the height of the Twilight hysterial and flew very much under the radar. Not sure why it was overlooked so much, maybe people weren’t really interested in this type of vampire at the time. It seems that now is the right time for a second look.

The film begins with a boy named Martin (Connor Paolo, Friend Request), whose family is brutally murdered by vampires. Luckily, a grizzled older man (Nick Damici, Late Phases) rescues him and takes him under his wing. The man (Mister, as Martin calls him) ends up to be a vampire hunter, and he begins to train Martin as his apprentice.

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Horrorween: Day 6 – Phantasm: Ravager

Here we are with the last Phantasm film. Both in terms of being the most recent,  but also the last one in the franchise (presumably), following Angus Scrimm’s passing prior it’s release.

This film (as with all the sequels in this series) picks up right were the last one ended. We open on Reggie (Reggie Bannister) running out of the desert, clutching his trademark quadruple barreled shotgun and clad in tattered clothes. He mentions that he had escaped from Tall Man’s dimension, and is now trying to find civilization and Mike. He finds his car and picks up a woman named Dawn. They stop at her house for the night, while Reggie plans how to figure out what is going on.

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Horrorween: Day 5 – Phantasm IV: Oblivion

Day 5, another Phantasm Sequel. We reach Phantasm OblIVion (Good job on the text styling), and boy…is it interesting.  Following Phantasm 3, Don Coscarelli received a script called “Phantasm 1999AD” written by Oscar winning screenwriter Roger Avary (co-writter of Pulp Fiction). It was about a post apocalyptic world were only LA & NY stand in the US, and the area between is a wasteland ruled by the Tall Man and his minions. Hell, Bruce Campbell was even on board to co-star. Coscarelli however could not secure financing for that epic film that required a large budget. So instead he made…this.

The film picks up immediately after the events of the last. Mike is driving Tall Man’s hearse, desperately trying to get away and stop his “transformation”, whatever the fuck that was that was going on at the end of part 3. Tall Man finds him and they end up in Death Valley where Mike just hangs out for the rest of the movie. Reggie (again) takes up the mission of finding and rescuing Mike.

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