A Ghost Story meanders, much like real life

My excitement and buzz for A Ghost Story has been growing for a while. An interesting take on life, death, and time starring the great Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara (who I will admit I fanboy over a bit) seemed like it was something right up my alley. Much like the ghost in the film, I sat waiting for it to open in my area, and now that it’s here…I’m not sure how I feel about it.Read More »

Nocturnal Animals thrive in the darkness, but meet their downfall when dragged into the light

Susan, a wealthy art gallery owner (Amy Adams) is living a plush life in LA with her husband (Armie Hammer).  As the marriage seems to be crumbling behind the facade of  fortune, Susan unexpectedly receives a manuscript from her first husband, Edward (Jake Gyllanhaal).  As she reads the novel, she becomes so engrossed that it begins to effect her in ways she never expected, and question how her life has gone.

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Arrival brings hope in the face of the unknown.

Dennis Villeneuve has been making quite a name for himself the last few years. Films like Prisoners, Enemy and Sicario have shown that his name belongs up there with the best of his contemporaries, like Fincher, Aronofsky and the like. Arrival just reaffirms that with an expertly shot film that shines a light on not only how the human race would deal with alien contact, but how we deal with each other.
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The Blair Blog Project – Vol 4: Blair Witch

It was 20 years ago when James Donahue’s sister disappeared in the Black Hills Forest while filming a documentary on the local legend the Blair Witch. Since then, he has always wanted to find the truth of what happened to her, and hoped she was still out there somewhere. One day he finds a video on youtube of a mysterious woman covered in mud, running though the same house that appeared at the end of Heather’s footage.  When he finds out the footage came from a tape found in the woods recently, a group of his friends (including a film student named Lisa) decide to go with him to  document his attempt at finding closure.

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The Blair Blog Project – Vol 3: Book Of Shadows

Following the massive success of The Blair Witch Project, Artisan Films wanted a sequel, sooner rather than later. Artisan got in touch with the writers/directors of the first film, but they turned Artisan down, saying they wanted to wait a few years to make a great sequel. After that Artisan commissioned 3 separate scripts for a Blair Witch 2 and went in search of a director.

At the same time, documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger was meeting with Artisan to try to get his own film made. Artisan passed on it, but asked him if he would be interested in the Blair Witch sequel. After reading the scripts he said he didn’t like any of them, but instead pitched his own idea for the film. Artisan immediately hired him to begin work on it, the film that would become Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.

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The Blair Blog Project – Vol 2: Documentaries

While The Blair Witch project hinted at a larger mythology surrounding the events of the film, it didn’t really go too in depth. Fortunately, an opportunity to explore the legends and events appeared when it was decided to create some new content to promote The Blair Witch Project on Sci-Fi channel prior to its release. The end result of this was the faux documentary “Curse of the Blair Witch”.

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