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Tracking Lines is a news and editorial blog about film, television and other forms of media connected to those subjects.

It was started by James (Bob_Bobbson) and  Matt (MRG1106) in August of 2016.


About the Authors

(Artist Rendering)

Bob_Bobbson (James)

James has been a life-long fan of comic books, ever since a friend he made in 1st grade introduced him to Spider-Man and X-Men books during the first few weeks of school. Soon he was glued to his TV after school for the X-Men, Spidey and Batman animated series (Where he developed an unhealthy crush on Jean Grey, Mary Jane Watson and Batgirl) and obsessively collecting comic books and comic book trading cards (remember those Fleer cards? Sure you do)

James went on to get a Masters in “Meaningless & Irrelevant Pop Culture Writing” and a PHD in “Having No Marketable Skills” from Mars University. He is the only honorary human member of the Robot House fraternity.

James currently lives about an hour north of Seattle and spends his time in a log cabin made of Pine and a small generator as his only means of power. He is kept company by his two dogs, Thunder & Lightning.

Favorite Directors
Stanley Kubrick, David Fincher, Ti West,

Favorite Films
Eyes Wide Shut,


(Totally not Matt)

MRG1106 (Matt)

MRG (Real name Maximilius Romulus Gramatalius) is a member of the 1106th order of the Illuminati army, led by lizard Ted Cruz and commanded by Satan in his human shell: Walt Disney.

When MRG is not writing about comics or video games, he spends his time trying to awaken the ancient one, Cthulhu in an attempt at world domination.

Also, he likes puppies.