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Tracking Lines is a news and editorial blog about film, television and other forms of media connected to those subjects.

It was started by James (Bob_Bobbson) and  Matt (MRG1106) in August of 2016.

About the Authors

(Artist Rendering)

James (Bob_Bobbson)

James became a lifelong film fan at a young age, needing to be pried away from Siskel & Ebert on TV and scouring video store racks every weekend for new movies.

James currently lives about an hour north of Seattle and spends his time in a log cabin made of Pine and a small generator as his only means of power. He is kept company by his two dogs, Thunder & Lightning.

Favorite Directors
Stanley Kubrick, David Fincher, James Cameron, Ti West,

Favorite Films
Eyes Wide Shut,  Terminator 2: Judment Day,

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(Totally not Matt)

Matt (MRG1106)

MRG (Real name Maximilius Romulus Gramatalius) is a member of the 1106th order of the Illuminati army, led by lizard Ted Cruz and commanded by Satan in his human shell: Walt Disney.

When MRG is not writing about comics or video games, he spends his time trying to awaken the ancient one, Cthulhu in an attempt at world domination.

Also, he likes puppies.